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mind the fool


a bunch of things created and contemplated

by Moimus and Meem

while hiding from germs during covid 19

Mind the Fool: Welcome

I'm Miriam and also Meem. I use they/ them pronouns so if it helps you remember, you may refer to both of us. On this little website-portfolio situation is the material I have generated over the course of the pandemic. My work explores the enactment of critical theory in clown performance. My writing and performance pieces experiment with the constraints of the pandemic, particularly the ways that such limitations have revealed the most important elements of clown theater.

Mind the Fool: About

This is the clown Moimus. Moimus has had many remarkable experiences over the pandemic. He has argued with some dogs, broken many objects that do not belong to him, coaxed tentative giggles out of unsuspecting political science majors, and fallen in love several times. His ups and downs and other such movements are documented in an archive of clips from email correspondences with a bunch of people.

Mind the Fool: About

the poetics of clown and the plague

Mind the Fool: Text
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