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Miriam (Meem) Mattei Carry

I am a performance artist, but firstly, foremostly, a clown. My undergrad thesis project is an exploration in critical theory and clown. I am also a writer and a musician when the mood strikes me or when the impulse is urgent. 

Here is what you must know about me, the artist who is also a person:

I have shaken hands and exchanged prolonged eye contact with my favorite clown. I have endured several books on critical theory and post-structuralist philosophy. I have been quarantined in my house for over a year and I have finally reached a moment in life where every object in my bedroom has a place in the strategic clutter.

I am very emotionally intelligent. I am impulsive enough that I trick myself into being courageous, so people may not perceive how afraid I am of most things. I like coffee. Every song I have written is a love song. I have excellent friends who are among the most brilliant people in the world. 

I have important eyes. 

I am nonbinary and I use they/ them pronouns. The rejection and deconstruction of binaries is a lifelong political and philosophical project of mine. I am angry about social conditioning and its tendency to normalize bloodlust. I am more likely to maintain eye contact from six feet away. 

I am generous to strangers. I am demanding of audiences. I am clever and insatiably curious. I don’t have very much upper body strength but I’d like to start punching stuff. 

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To be quite honest, I am not excellent at emailing. However, I am excellent at making friends and talking about art/life/philosophy things. I always want to hear people's thoughts and questions. Write me anything anytime...

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