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the poetics of clown and the plague

Portfolio: Text

Artist Statement

a brief opening to my portfolio

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The Poetics

pieces I have written in the time since the plague fell upon us

Clown and the Plague

a collection of in-progress, recorded experiments with movement/ clown performance

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Portfolio: Services

extremely special thanks to these people:

(in alphabetical order, not preference lol)

My advising committee:

Heidi Gilpin, Karen Koehler, Lorne Falk, Will MacAdams

Extra extra thanks for food and hugs and pep talks

My roommates: Caitlin Davis Ceramics, Ash Fisher-Tannebaum Ceramics, Tucker Loftus Ceramics

Emotional support

Andreas Gilpin-Falk

Ash Fisher-Tannenbaum

Caitlin Davis Ceramics


Emery Powell

Koby Leff

Marion Murphy


Pickle, Mom’s dog

Phoebe Carry 

Taylor Ortiz

Tucker Lord Coventry Loftus

More thanks


Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari I guess

Antonin Artaud

Tadeusz Kantor

Jane Bennett

Gloria Anzaldua

Slava Polunin and Vanya Polunin

The United States Postal Service

Pandemic Unemployment

Love of my life Wynn Mackenzie

The film MirrorMask

The Moimus Email List

The Surreal Times

Portfolio: Text
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